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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do the common areas appear larger than average ?
The building was designed with hallways much wider than normal, allowing for a more open feel. This building also has a full kitchen on the lower level, as well as a kitchenette on the upper level. When the two unisex handicap accessible bathrooms were added, we included showers in each of these. A new elevator and waiting room were also added at that time. Most of the additional space was needed for our professional tenants, and therefore became common area.
What ammenities are available?
High Speed Internet with automatic failover and redundant internet connections with different high level providers. We have purposely brought internet to the building from both Kraft Ave. as well as from 28th Street allowing for fewer disruptions in service.
Curbside parking for both you and your clients
2 full functioning copy machines covered by a same day service contract guaranteeing minimal service disruption.
We also have FREE document to PDF transfer service to your email.
Documented receipt of all deliveries, on tenants behalf, during business hours.
You can find a full list of our ammenities here
What will my mailing address be?
Once you sign a lease you will be assigned a unique suite number. You will have your own Post Office type box for mail delivery.
If your assigned suite number was 123 then your address would be:
Your Business Name
2828 Kraft Ave SE Suite 123
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Who do I contact to take a tour of the building?
You can contact Gary or Mike at 616-957-5700 or stop in during our normal business hours of M-F 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
When you sign a lease and place a deposit, we will hold space. We are not able to post date a lease. The lease will start within a month of signing the lease.