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It's all about location! The Image Office Suites building is located at a major intersection less than one mile east of I-96 from the 28th Street Exit. We are only minutes away from the Gerald R. Ford Airport and downtown Grand Rapids. The building faces the busy traffic of 28th Street and our large "Image Building" sign is easily spotted from a distance.  We are the premier provider of Grand Rapids Office Space.

Grand Rapids Office Space Floor Plans


Your Grand Rapids Office Space Lease Includes:

• All ultilities
• Free parking
• All office spaces in Grand Rapids maintenance services such as: snow removal, light bulb replacement, etc.
• Cleaning services, such as: vacuuming, trash removal, light dusting, etc.
• Kitchenette access including: free coffee, refrigerator, microwave oven, dish washers and vending machines
• U.S. Postal mailboxes with office suite number
• Building directory name plate on the outside of the building, and inside of building
• Security system with 24 hour key card access
• Deliveries received on tenants behalf during building hours
• Above average curbside parking for both you and your clients, making for a shorter walk to your office space
• FREE document to PDF transfer service to your email via our copy machine. In many cases this eliminates the need for a fax, since you can email any document to your clients.
• Reception will document all deliveries from all courier services such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx, as well as all other providers giving tenants the option to leave knowing their Grand Rapids office space is still staffed.

Grand Rapids Office Space
Additional Services/Amenities Available to lease holders

Live Answering/Voice Mail Service:
Answering service includes greeting the person on the phone by announcing your company and asking how we may direct their call, announcing the call to the tenant, and then allowing the tenant the option to take the call or have the person greated with the tenant's voice mail.  Voice mail can be checked 24 hours a day, either from our house phone or outside the office. Our voice mail system can also be set up to allow clients to push a button and immediatly be connected to your cell phone. Messages left on Voice Mail can also be immediatly transfered via a .wav file attachment to your email so you may be notified that you are have a message waiting. You can listen directly to your message via your email account.   Each call handled by this serivice is only $0.75 per call.

Postal & Parcel Services on site via USPS & UPS:
We can take your unmetered mail and affix postage for all types of mail service, including certified mail & registered mail. Typical First Class and Flat rate mail postmarked for same day delivery. We currently have a UPS parcel contract which helps to lower rates for packages. All processing is done at a 25% convience service charge. All USPS mail with postage affixed is delivered to USPS at no charge. We also have daily pick-up for UPS, which would be at no charge if you had your own account and processed the parcels via your own online account.

Conference Room Space:
Various sized conference rooms available starting from  $10.00 per hour to $40.00 per hour based on size of room.  Seating available from 8 people to 40 people. Some audio visual equipment available. White boards and projector screens availble in some rooms.  Advanced scheduling required at reception.

2 full functioning copy machines :
Both machines are covered by a same day service agreement so your plans to use them are not disrupted. Your cost is 10 cents per copy, which is metered by a password.

High Speed Internet Access:
T1 internet access is available at market rates.  Typical pricing is $49 per month for the first computer and $24 per month for each additional computer.  Packages are available for more than three computers.  There may be a set up charge if there is a specific need, such as a VPN connection.  Otherwise the connection works much like a Cable or DSL connection, but at the more stable speed and consistency of a full T1. NEW! Our High Speed Internet now has automatic failover and redundant internet connections with different high level providors. We have purposely brought internet to the building from both Kraft Ave. as well as from 28th Street allowing for less probability of physical disruptions.

Fax service:
Sending: Domestic - $1.95 per page, International $4.90 per page. Receiving: - $0.95

Office Furniture Available for Rent :
Desk, desk chair, trash can, 2 visitors chairs and one book shelf - $25.00 per month.

Additional Occupants :
Each of our offices are sized for a set number of people, if you need to have additional people have access to your office those additional occupants will be charged at $150.00 per person.

NOTE: Each of our leases require all occupants to have background checks if they are in need of 24/7 access to the building. Each lease also requires the building to be added as an additional insured to lessor's business liability policy.

Image Office Suites strives to provide our tenants with quality office space at a competitive rate. Save up to 80% when you compare annual expenses for an Image Office Suite to traditional space!

We offer specials for all of our new tenants that sign a 6 month lease.

We have newly remodeled office suites as of 2008. All tenants have the benefit of building maintenance service, cleaning services, free parking, kitchenette access, high speed internet access, conference room space, and live answering service/voicemail. More details about our amenities can be found here.


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